The long anticipated Mudras for Healing and Transformation book has finally arrived.  Never before has any one book articulated the depth of mudras in an easy to understand and apply format.  Emerging out of the Five Koshas, readers will have access to over one hundred mudras that explore our physical dimension, our subtle body, balancing of our mind and emotions, support on our journey of spiritual awakening and, tapping into our inherent spiritual nature. 

From one of the world’s top mudra experts, Joseph Le Page, this book breaks down the complexity of each mudra through step-by-step instructions.  Easy-to-use breakout boxes for each mudra include; core quality, benefits, cautions, instructions and mudras with similar effects.  Illustrations throughout help further define the systems balanced, elements activated, doshas balanced, prana vayus nourished, chakras balanced and provide a scale of the energizing effect of each mudra.

Going beyond mudras to address the entire spectrum of healing, each mudra is paired with a beautiful guided meditation to deepen awareness and the energetic affect of each.  These timeless meditations are a perfect complement to the overall flow of the book and will be enjoyed by readers from any spiritual tradition. 

Over one hundred mudras united with over one hundred meditations make this a must-have text and tool for any yoga therapist, teacher, healing professional, yoga school and individual desiring to tap into this healing resource.  It’s easy, just click here and add your copy into the Integrative Yoga Therapy shopping cart.   Aloha Yoga Shala is an affiliate school of Integrative Yoga Therapy and fully endorses this new book.



MUDRAS for healing? I think we all need to read it..!

03/03/2014 9:56am

Really we all need to read it thoroughly!

03/11/2014 1:07pm

Kindly let me know when you are done with reading :)

08/24/2014 7:48pm

I do the same thing while in the shower. I'm glad to know it hurts less with distilled water.

08/28/2014 3:46pm

I got so tired by the end of this 'test' that I just guessed poorly. It seems I can read women better than men. I thought the images were very bad.

08/28/2014 6:31pm

As I have been all the time accused of being insensitive, this test works just fine because I got only 20/36.

09/16/2014 10:01pm

Did anybody notice that some of the faces were more assymmetric, with one eye larger than the other?

09/28/2014 10:12am

Aside from the rest of their facial expression and posture, the sound and rate of their breathing, the temperature of their skin, etc, etc, there is that indefinable something that enables one to read another.

10/10/2014 9:13am

I was taught to administer many tests in graduate school in psychology, where I was also taught that many tests have no validity.

11/14/2014 9:20pm

I have not had a single cold or sinus infection since I started "showering out my nose" every day, and I have a long history of sinus troubles. I think it just washes out the nasal passages & sinus cavities.

11/13/2014 2:24am

This book looks so amazing and it will help the people in finding the best ideas that will be helpful for them to have the best Yoga exercise. Many people are looking for the best trainer who will guide them in their yoga training this book will make it easy for the people to have the best yoga poses.

12/19/2014 3:16am

It has been observed that in many co educational institutes boys and girls having equal division between them in their learning or examinations. For example regarding the grades A+ is high grades for both boys and girls also.

09/16/2015 11:23pm

I read this book and it's awesome about health and I get lots of health tips from this book. This book is life-saving for me.


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